What is Leather-Clean?

Created by dry cleaners, Leather-Clean allows you to professionally clean all of your leather goods at home. Made up of natural eco-friendly ingredients, Leather-Clean provides a powerful wash to get rid of the most wretched smells.

Wash Leather in Water

Leather gets dirty, just like any other article of clothing you wear. Leather-Clean allows you to get a deep clean by submersing your leather in water, while maintaining the soft, supple feeling that we all love.

Sanitize Your Leather

Bacteria gets deep into leather. Artificial creams and soaps don’t get deep. Leather-Clean is eco-friendly and permeates deep into the leather, extracting dirt and bacteria. After you wash, you won’t be able to stop smelling your clean leather.


Leather can be expensive. Unfortunately, so are the options to clean it. You don’t want to throw away your leather. Leather-Clean allows you to affordably and effectively clean your leather, without breaking the bank.

You're Going To Love The Way Your Leather Washes


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