Freshen Up Your Leather for Fall

It’s that time of the year again, when you pull your leather jacket out of storage to wear during the fall and winter months.  The air gets a little cooler, the leaves start to change color, and you decide that it’s time for your leather to make an appearance.  However, after having sat dormant all summer, either in a closet or in storage, your leather may need to freshen up a bit.  With Leather-Clean, you’re able to freshen up your leather for fall so that it’s in tip top shape!

Look good in your leather this fall. Freshen up your leather with Leather-Clean.

Look good in your leather this fall. Freshen up your leather with Leather-Clean.

Did your leather collect dust?

When leather sits dormant for a long time, it tends to gather dust.  This dust can get into the creases of the leather, and can cause unsightly spots.  Since leather is so porous, it can hold onto this dust and can be difficult to get out.  To freshen up the look of your leather, you can use Leather-Clean to provide a much needed wash to any type of leather that may have collected dust.

Does your leather smell stale?

Since leather is made of animal skin, it can be very porous. This means that leather has a tendency to soak up scents and smells that it comes into contact with.  This means that if your leather jacket had some stinks or bad smells in it when you put it away, it may come out smelling not-so-fresh.  Your leather also may smell stale, since it’s been in storage all summer.  Leather-Clean, when used as directed, will extract bad smells, neutralize any odors, and will leave your leather jacket smelling fresh and looking great.  It’s great to provide a much needed freshening up to your leather jacket.

Wearing leather is a fashion statement.  It’s a timeless, classic look.  Treat your leather jacket right, and it will always treat you right.  Give Leather-Clean a try today to freshen up your leather.

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