Water is essential to cleaning. However, water damages leather.
With Leather-Clean, you now have a safe and effective way to wash leather in water, at home.


When you wash leather with untreated water or with water and regular laundry detergent, not only does the bacteria, fungus, and dirt get washed away, but so do many of the amino acids and intercellular lipids. When this happens, the leather loses it shape and feel. It begins to crack and shrink and dry out, causing a water-damaged leather feel. Regular detergent is simply too strong to treat leather. Normal water doesn't have the right properties to treat leather. See our illustration below on how normal water and detergent damage leather.

Water + Regular Detergent

It's Time For Change - Say Hello to Leather-Clean

Washing your leather at home, in water is now possible. Change has never felt nor smelled this good. Continue reading below.


Warm water and the recommended ratio of Leather-Clean produces a cleansing detergent safe for all leather products!

By using Leather-Clean to wash (yes, wash with water!) your leather products, you can feel confident that the inner fibers of your leather will be cleansed AND the essential intercellular lipids and amino acids protected AND strengthened.

Water + Leather Clean

When people talk of cleaning leather, they usually refer to adding some protective compound to the leather or applying some topical cleaner. Imagine if you did that to you undergarments when they become dirty!

Leather-clean, when used as directed, provides a safe and effective way to deep clean leather.

When you add Leather-Clean to water before washing leather, the moisturizing conditioners in Leather-Clean mix with the water, making it safe to submerge your leather in the mixed solution. When this happens, not only are the bacteria, fungus and dirt washed away, but the intercellular lipids and amino acids that keep leather strong, soft and supple stay in the leather. The moisturizing agents of Leather-Clean stay on the leather to soften the proteins and the lipid layer, strengthening the characteristics of the leather. It only makes sense to treat your leather right. Wash it with Leather-Clean!

Now that you've learned about Leather-Clean, give it a try.

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