How to Clean a Leather Belt

I bought my first leather belt when I was 16 and I’ve used it ever since.  I love my leather belt because it has lasted this long without any problems and it still looks amazing.  Over the years it has naturally become more dirty – a spill here, some scratches there.  It literally has huge scrape marks on the leather and the buckle from back in my junior year of college, when I embarrassedly wrecked my bicycle in a parking lot (I kind of wish I had a video of it).  Needless to say, my belt has been through a lot, just like yours and now it’s time to learn how to clean a leather belt.

Leather Clean can be applied in a variety of ways for cleaning a leather belt.  The ingredients of Leather Clean allow for a powerful professional cleaning of leather without ruining or shrinking the leather.  The softeners within Leather Clean act to soften the leather, while the extracts and liquid nature of the cleaner take away and replace any stinky or foul smells that once were there.

The most effective way to clean your dirty leather belt is to wash it with leather-clean mixed in a container of water following the Leather-Clean instructions.

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